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Printer and Copier Repairs in NYC

Do you need copier or printer repairs? If you are in Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn Superior Office Systems has technicians and a fully stocked parts warehouse to repair your copier or printer immediately. We also service Long Island and Westchester NY. Superior Office Systems is one of New York's foremost printer and copier repair services and we will be happy to help you.

Indications that a printer or copier needs repairs

Office printers often go through a lot of wear and tear. This can be problematic because office printers need to be up and running quickly. Office printers and copiers have to print large volumes of paper and this causes a lot of stress on the parts. People are also careless around printers or try to clear jams incorrectly. It is not uncommon for us to find paper clips inside printers and copiers as well as other items that were inappropriately run through the machines. The staff often trys to fix things with the printer without knowing how and this usually makes the problem worse. There are many signs which foretell when a printer needs repairs. Here are some obvious ones: Printer (or copier) error- After turning the printer or copier on, you should see a solid light (usually green). If the indicator is blinking or is orange, it indicates that something is wrong with the printer. The ink may have run out or there might be a paper jam inside the printer. Driver issues - If you don't have a paper or ink problem and all the connections are proper and still the printer is not working, it might indicate a driver issue. Electrical connections are out – Sometimes, the electrical connections inside a printer give way because of heavy load or other factors. This can be confirmed only by opening the printer.

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We're ready to get your printer and copier working right. We have a state of the art delivery system for printer and copier parts and a full-fledged equipment facility. We can perform repairs on Canon, Hewitt Packard, Sharp and many other brands of printers and copiers. To receive information or a quote for these services, please fill in the form on this page or call us at 212 695 5588.

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