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Printer and Copier Sales & Leasing in NYC

A printer or copier is an important piece of office equipment. If you are thinking of buying or leasing a printer or copier in NYC Superior Office Systems can service your needs in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and Westchester. View the latest advances in new high speed printers and copiers in one of our convenient showrooms or have a representative come to your office.

We have seen rapid advances in printing technologies over the past few years. New printers and copiers are not only much faster than their older cousins, they are also more much more efficient in resource use.

For example, older printers used to have special printer cables which were often bulky but newer printers are wireless and connect over WiFi. New printers are energy efficient, ink and toner efficient and have a host of other convenient features Here are some more features found in new printers and copiers.

More user-friendly features on newer printers

Some of the best printers and copiers are manufactured by Canon, HP, Sharp and Xerox. These companies have introduced many advanced technologies into their printers and copiers. Here are some of them. We are happy to say we are authorized dealers in NY.

Wireless printers – Wireless printers don't have to be connected to the computer. Some of these are network printers, meaning they are plugged into the network like computers or modems. You also have Bluetooth printers, which are connected to the computer via Bluetooth. You will rarely find these in printers over 10 years of age.

All-in-one printers – Now you don't even have to buy a printer and copier separately. All-in-one printers combine scanning, printing and copying into one neat system.

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New printers and copiers have many cost advantages over an older printer. New printers are not even expensive now and many plans include managed print services so you can pre-plan the cost of each copy and ownership. To buy or lease a Canon, Hewitt Packard, Sharp or Xerox printer in NYC, Queens or Brooklyn, please call us at 212 695 5588.

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