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Over twenty years ago we joined a growing Canon dealership, a lot like the one we own now, with enthusiasm and a passion to help our clients.

We did quite well and had secured a strong account base of repeat and referral business by taking care of our clientele. We were fortunate that the company we worked for provided us with the service and flexibility to fulfill our customers’ expectations.

Unfortunately, the dealer we had invested ten years with was acquired by a national conglomerate. They no longer provided the level of customer service our clients had come to expect. The bureaucracy became stifling for our customers and moral quickly faded, and we were left with a decision to make. Stay and hope our customers would not leave us or find a new home for our customers.

After 10 years of experience on what works and does not work, we decided to open our own dealership and operate it in a fashion that our customers would appreciate.

Same Day Canon Copier Services in NYC

Our vision of the ideal dealership includes:

  • A live person to answer the phone during all business hours
  • A live dispatch system that would provide real time status of technicians
  • An on-site parts inventory that would decrease the wait times for replacement parts
  • On-site messengers for parts who would further decrease the wait times for parts
  • Partner with the best manufacturers
  • Local decision making to quickly and effectively handle issues
  • Be available to our clients no matter how large we get

Well twelve years ago we started with a handful of loyal customers, a couple of technicians, and this vision. We now employ almost 50 team members, partner with numerous manufacturers, have moved to a larger facility for the third time and keep growing every year in an economy that continues to downsize. Our strategy has always been to keep it simple and focus on our client’s well being, and this is the reason for our success.

Please contact us personally to find out more about the SOS difference. We would be happy to find out how we can assist you too.

Tim Glover

Eric Wolf

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