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Gorilla Print Office Assessment in New York City 


Technology is constantly changing which can have a major impact on your business' workflow. Fall behind and you can lose that critical edge over the competition. With SOS's Core Manufacturers – Canon, Sharp, Xerox, and HP along with Gorilla Print, you have a partner that will help you optimize business processes, eliminate bottle necks and lower associated office technology costs.

How does it work?

One of our technology specialists will meet with you to design your custom assessment roadmap using our proven lean six sigma approach:

  • Define:
    • What are your core business initiatives?
    • What is your current business process for supporting these initiatives?
    • How does technology play a role presently in the day to day operations of your business?
    • What are some of your future objectives?
  • Measure:
    • All current technology will be inventoried and mapped. Statistical data and associated costs will be gathered as well to measure current workflows.
  • Analyze:
    • Data will be gathered, information will be analyzed and our specialists will return with a customized report which together we will review to identify areas of opportunity that will improve efficiencies and reduce costs within your environment.
  • Improve:
    • With problems identified, we will suggest improvements with a full explanation and create an implementation plan that minimizes operational downtime.
  • Control:
    • Our skilled team will be your valued partner in managing the ongoing office technology needs of your operation, freeing up your staff to focus on the core mission of your business. To assure that improvements are sustainable, we will conduct ongoing quarterly reviews.

To see how your organization can benefit from a Gorilla Print analysis, schedule your free workflow assessment today, 212-695-5588



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