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Production Print Services in NYC

Production print requires a specialized focus

Creating solutions means more than just selling hardware. A full Diagnosis by Production specialists will analyze needs to determine the correct finishing options along with the pre-flight software that best fits your workflow. SOS Technologies' goal is to make sure that you reach your goal and we have designed our production print program with this in mind.

Direct Support from Manufacturers

Unlike most providers, SOS receives full in-field support from all its manufacturers.

Proactive Print Services

Production print environments require maximum up-time and our team works diligently to provide our clients with the most proactive service levels. SOS's service department has several options for monitoring customers' production print devices:

ImageWARE Remote allows for levels of monitoring that provide SOS service professionals REALTIME access to your production equipment, including drum life and other consumables.

Using on line monitoring, SOS can track your preventive maintenance cycles, critical errors, jamming status and more.

This GREEN technology helps you reduce call backs and other unnecessary service visits through SOS's advanced diagnostic reporting.

Quick Service Dispatch

SOS understands production service response time is critical:

In addition, we will call you within 1 hour of receiving the dispatch to let you know we have the call and will respond. We have a 2 hour response time for all production service calls.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

We will store all consumable parts on site including Drums and Fixing rollers. In addition we have parts runners that can drop off parts to the Field Engineer from our storage facility in Manhattan minimizing downtime.

Should your equipment encounter issues that go above and beyond our capability to correct, we will immediately go through the SOS escalation program to engage our manufacturing support staff to the fullest extent.

After exhausting all avenues for repair, if the equipment is still not performing to manufacturer specifications a like replacement will be provided for the remainder of the lease. SOS will not leave you hanging without a solution.

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