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For many small organizations, shipping expenses tend to become a cost of doing business that’s taken for granted. It’s assumed that shipping is a fixed expense that can’t really be reduced, and that all shipping carriers are pretty much the same, so the choice is not important. Is this what’s happening at your company?

If so, we have good news and bad news.

The bad news is, you’re almost certainly wasting quite a lot of money by choosing the wrong shipping carriers and methods for many shipments.

The good news is, there are shipping solutions for small business that can help you take back control, make better decisions, and significantly cut costs.

Keep reading to find out how.

Shipping carriers: poor choices cost more than you think

Here are some facts you might not be aware of:

  • Over the past 5 years, shipping carriers have increased their rates by 27 percent
  • Many companies are shipping 10 percent more packages every year
  • On average, companies overpay by 20 percent or more on shipping EVERY PACKAGE

Just think about the number of packages you ship every month. What if you could save 20 percent on every one simply by choosing the right shipping carriers and shipping methods for each one? How much would that savings add up to?

And it’s not only the money you spend on actual shipping cost that’s wasted. What about the time that your office workers spend on tracking down lost packages, following up with customers, and redirecting or reshipping lost items? Lost productivity may be the most expensive cost of all.

The problem is compounded for businesses like law firms that are shipping important and confidential documents requiring signatures. When these packages get lost or wind up in the wrong hands, how does that hurt your relationship with that customer and ultimately affect your bottom line?

The primary reason you’re wasting money

Let’s face it: your employees are probably not shipping experts. And even the ones who might know more (your mailroom manager for example) are probably not intimately familiar with all the complexities of shipping carriers’ rates. In fact, many are not paying any attention at all to the cost of shipping packages.

Why? Simply because of what we just mentioned: the complexity of comparing rates of various shipping carriers. Choosing the most economical option for each package would take too much time… or so they believe.

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You can compare shipping carriers’ rates in seconds

If your employees are always using the same carrier just because it seems easier (or because they like the driver that delivers packages to you every day… yes people really choose shipping carriers for this reason!) we have a suggestion that can significantly reduce your shipping expenses.

Look into shipping solutions for small business that make it simple to choose the most economical shipping carriers and shipping methods for each package you send.

SendPro from Pitney Bowes is the only office shipping system we know of that lets you see the rates for USPS, UPS, and FedEx all in one place. The online tool integrates with your scale and label printer to create a simple system that takes seconds to use. Weigh your package, choose the destination from your central address database, choose your delivery timeframe. Then see all the rates for all shipping carriers and methods that get your package there on time. Choose the most economical one, and print your label. What could be easier?

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Validating addresses saves time and money

This is another area where shipping solutions for small business can make a huge difference. How often do you ship packages to the wrong address because it was updated in one shipping carrier’s system (like the FedEx online address book) but not everywhere (like all the other address books you have for every carrier)? SendPro actually provides a central database that you can use for ALL carriers, making it much easier to keep your information updated and avoid those mistakes.

What’s more, shipping carriers charge you for address corrections every time you send a package with an address that’s not quite right– like substituting “road” for “street.” SendPro validates every address BEFORE printing the label, so you avoid those expensive charges for corrections, which can be as high as $13 for some shipping carriers.

Simplify delivery tracking across all carriers

Another reason some companies avoid using multiple carriers, even though they are leaving money on the table, is because it can complicate package tracking. When someone complains that they haven’t received a shipment, before you can even track it you have to figure out which carrier you used.

That’s the beauty of a shipping solution like SendPro. Not only do you get automated tracking notifications for all shipping carriers (for you and for the recipient) but everything is done in one system so you never have to hunt for information about which shipping carriers you used.

How often do employees waste time tracking packages only to find out they are already out for delivery and there is no problem? With SendPro, you get that time back (and since labor is your #1 cost that can add up to significant savings). In most cases, your package recipients don’t even need to contact you since they can track packages on their own.

It’s really a no-brainer: with SendPro you reduce your shipping costs, get better productivity from employees, and even happier customers. Find out more about how it works from this free guide: Shipping Simplified.

Reduce shipping costs with these top shipping optimization secrets. Download the free guide today.

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