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Clients rely on your law firm to handle their information quickly and securely. Document mailing, tracking, and handling are important tasks for any law firm. But with all the variables involved in coordinating shipping and tracking, even the most dedicated mail room can make mistakes. If you mail sensitive information that deeply impacts your clients’ lives, then mistakes can be costly. That’s why it’s essential to implement reliable and efficient office mail handling procedures.

Keep these important factors in mind when choosing a mail handling system for your law firm.

Risks of insufficient office mail handling procedures

It pays to make sure your mail handling policy and procedures won’t cost you business or compromise clients’ security. Here are a few questions to consider:

  • If your firm or office is growing, can your system keep up with increased demand?
  • Are you handling incoming mail as carefully as the documents you send out?

Insufficient office mail handling procedures are a serious liability. There are many steps at which something can go wrong. The risks range from delaying important processes and wasting money to losing sensitive files. No one wants to have to tell a client that their birth certificate, divorce papers, or contract was lost. Avoid losing a case or a client by making sure your mail system is thorough and error-proof.

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Benefits of smarter office mail handling

Reduce lost mail

Think about the potential consequences of lost documents and checks. You can save yourself and your firm the embarrassment with an automated mail management system for handling incoming and outgoing mail. Automated systems make fewer errors in the labeling, tracking, and receiving mail, which means you get reliable, more efficient office mail handling procedures.

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Better tracking

Have you ever bought something with online tracking, only to learn when the order shipped, and when it arrived with no idea of where it’s been in between? That’s ok when you’re only buying a book or t-shirt, but when your tracking original copies of sensitive documents, you need an answer to where it is every step of the way. Making sure your office mail handling procedures include accurate and detailed tracking information will help you make sure an important document is never lost or in doubt.

Waste less paper

Contracts, bills, letters, and forms— it can seem like your law firm is drowning in documents. The way to solve that is not to add more paper to pile, like the traditional return receipts, or “green card” method does. A digital solution is one of the best office mail handling procedures. This is especially true for law firms, which often deal with a high volume of original, confidential, or time sensitive documents. Not only does an automated system make mail easier to keep track of, it also uses less paper and creates less waste.

What’s more, digital records don’t take up filing cabinet space.

Handle sensitive information safely

Managing paper return receipts is one of many common office mail handling procedures that doesn’t actually make much sense. Normally, a law firm will be handling incoming mail with green cards, in order to keep track of correspondence and be able to prove legally what documents were sent when. But what happens when a green card gets lost? You may end up in a position of being unable to prove what you did with certain documents. Digital delivery notifications are less likely to get misplaced than paper cards.

Accessibility of records

An automated mail handling solution has many benefits. Keeping tracking, electronic return receipts, and other mail information available digitally means that anyone in a given firm or office can check the status of a package at any given time.

Multiple people working on the same case can request information on certified mail, even if they work at different locations. No more paper slips are required. This accessibility and transparency within a firm can be a practical reason to move to automated office mail handling procedures.

Pitney Bowes offers automated systems that can improve your office mail handling procedures, with software for easy & efficient mailing and shipping as well as handling incoming mail and tracking that mail throughout its entire process at the office. Barcodes and scanners automatically record the date and time a package was received, as well as any changes to where a package is or who has custody of it. It also provides automated alerts to receipts when mail is received.

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Make accounting processes easier

Mailing, shipping, and tracking require the coordination of a lot of moving parts. But the task gets even more tricky when you consider billing. Even if you don’t use an automated system for your accounting, an automated mail handling system can make it easier. Being able to easily see mailing & shipping tasks and costs by account code makes it easy to bill clients and helps you charge back those costs.

Reduce costs

How much money could you save if you had a tool that shows you the most cost efficient way to mail documents and ship packages? The right automated mailing and shipping software shows you updated costs from several different mail carriers so can compare and choose the best one for each package you send.

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TIP: with Pitney Bowes’ SendPro solution, you can automatically save $1.35 on every package you send by certified mail.

Other cost saving benefits of office mail automation include reducing the amount of time spent filing and organizing mail, and eliminating the need to mail physical return receipts.

Together, these benefits can cut shipping costs by as much as half per piece of mail. Using a multi-carrier shipping solution is one of the most cost-effective office mail handling procedures you can implement.

Whichever office mail handling procedures you choose, make sure it’s the right system for the needs of your office or law firm. Taking the time to consider how you handle mail could save you many headaches, improve your reputation and even increase billings.

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