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If your business does a lot of printing and mailing, you know that it’s time consuming and expensive. When you outsource printing and mailing operations, you expect to offload a lot of work. But did you know you can also save money AND get mailings out faster? Those are only a couple of reasons to outsource printing and mailing.

In this blog, we’ll point out some benefits you probably haven’t considered and what types of mailings are the best candidates for outsourcing. Then we’ll tell you how to get the best outsource printing services.

Why outsource printing & mailing?

1. Lower print & postage costs. When you outsource printing & mailing with the right vendor, you get volume discounts. That brings down your total cost well below doing it in-house.

2. Prevent expensive mistakes. The DIY approach to printing and mailing is not secure and is prone to error. Businesses that send medical, financial or legal information risk expensive consequences if mailing pieces get mixed up. One instance of mishandling medical records (a violation of HIPAA regulations) can cost you a 5 to 6 figure fine. What if an employee’s manual error causes dozens of letters to go out to the wrong people? When you outsource printing and mailing with the right solution, you eliminate those security concerns.

3. No pricey infrastructure. You save the cost of buying or leasing expensive equipment when you outsource. You also save the cost of service and supplies. And don’t forget about the cost of the space needed to house a large production print and mailing system! Here in NYC where space costs a fortune, that’s a big savings as well.

4. Faster processing. You can get your mailings out the same day when you outsource with the right vendor. When you rely on internal employees to process mailings, what happens when someone calls in sick?

5. Better use of resources. Machines can do this work much more efficiently. Why not use your employees for more skilled work?

Here at Superior Office Systems, we sell and service printing & mailing equipment. So why are we recommending outsourced printing and mailing? Because we know it’s better for certain types of businesses and certain types of mailing jobs.

What types of businesses should outsource printing?

It’s smart to outsource printing & mailing if you send 5,000 or more printed documents in envelopes every month, such as:

  • medical bills and reports
  • insurance statements
  • legal documents
  • banking and financial statements
  • invoices
  • custom marketing materials

Mailings like these are not only expensive, but they require a high level of security. HIPAA privacy regulations for medical records and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations for financial records have stiff penalties for non-compliance. Companies doing their own mailings rarely have sufficient privacy & security in place.

Even if you’re just sending out invoices and don’t have to worry about privacy regulations, think about what can happen if bills end up in the wrong envelopes. Do you really want to a customer to know how much someone else is paying?

The best outsource printing & mailing service: Mailsteam on Demand from Pitney Bowes

Here at SOS, we recommend Pitney Bowes’ Mailstream on Demand outsource printing and mailing service for our customers who send big mailings with sensitive content. Here are the benefits you get from the industry leader (Pitney Bowes) that you don’t get from the print shop around the corner:

Best price for outsource printing & mailing. The cost of a stamp alone is almost 50 cents. With MailStream on Demand, the average cost per piece is 67 cents, and that includes everything: the envelope, paper, printing, processing and the postage! The price is hard to beat, because you get the lowest postal rates and volume discounts enjoyed by big companies.

Bullet-proof security. For sensitive mailings, Pitney Bowes has guaranteed-secure technology and a workflow that eliminates mistakes. (We’ll explain how it works in the next section).

Real-time visibility about job status. When you need to answer to clients or superiors, you’ll love this feature. Mailstream on Demand customers get a web-based dashboard that shows up-to-the minute progress and analytics for every outsource printing & mailing job.

Quick turnaround, even for the biggest jobs. As the industry leader, Pitney Bowes has more capacity than any other outsource printing & mailing vendor on the planet. That means you can send an unexpected emergency job and still get same-day processing. Some print vendors even use Mailstream on Demand to handle extra volume or specialized jobs they can’t do themselves.

Improved deliverability. Not only do mailings go out in record time, but Pitney Bowes cleans & updates your mailing list to eliminate bad addresses.

Better mailing outcomes. Pitney Bowes offers graphic design services to help your mailing pieces better achieve your goals, whether that’s getting paid faster, getting more marketing responses, or tracking replies to speed processing.

Digital mailings. While we are talking about outsource printing in this article, you can save even more money by sending your mailings digitally. Mailstream on Demand handles that too, all in one seamless process.

It’s like having your own enterprise print solution, only better!

Mailstream on Demand: how it works

Nothing could be simpler. And yet the Mailstream on Demand service goes above and beyond anything else we’ve seen. You can watch this video to get an overview.

Here’s what you can expect when you outsource printing & mailing with Mailstream on Demand:

  1. You upload your print documents and address files electronically, using a secure site. (Mailstream on Demand uses Amazon Web Services, the most secure system available… it’s used by the IRS.)
  2. If desired, Pitney Bowes can work with you to add color and improve the graphic design of your mailing piece.
  3. Your mailing list is verified and updated to ensure deliverability.
  4. Pitney Bowes handles every aspect of printing and mailing. They provide the paper, the envelopes, the printing, the assembly, the postage and delivery to USPS. They can also deliver documents by email or post on a secure website.
  5. Mailstream on Demand provides the highest level of privacy and security for your sensitive documents. Its file-based processing means no human ever touches your mailing pieces. Even if a machine jams, everything inside it is automatically shredded and printed again. There are continuous checkpoints and validation processes that ensure accuracy and eliminate mistakes.
  6. Using the Mailstream on Demand dashboard, you can easily see the up-to-the-minute status of every job you send.
  7. When your mailing is complete, you get PDF copies of every piece for your archives.

Are you ready to cut costs and get better results when you outsource printing and mailing with Mailstream on Demand? Contact SOS today and we can help you get started.

Not sure if outsourcing is right for you? Take our quiz to find out if it’s a good fit for you, or if in house printing and mailing might work better.

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