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Few things can send an office into chaos like running out of copier toner and other Canon copier supplies. In sizeable operations, there are multiple projects that get printed out on a daily basis and when the office printer goes out of commission the collective frustration level goes through the roof. It always seems to happen at the worst moments, too. You’re about to walk into a big meeting and 15 minutes before you’re set to give a presentation you go to print out your material and see the dreaded “low” or “empty” toner alert.

Oftentimes, the frustration doesn’t stop there. The longer it takes to get those Canon copier cartridges and other Canon copier supplies in place, the higher the collective stress level gets. If the copier happens to be down for a couple of days the situation can go from an annoying inconvenience to a seriously detrimental catastrophe that impacts your business. We’ve even heard of extreme cases when the copier was down for multiple weeks waiting for supplies.

Some businesses avoid the situation entirely by stocking up on enough Canon copier supplies to keep a small city printing indefinitely. They even go so far as to stock up on Canon spare parts just in case. That’s not an efficient practice, though–not for the business or the vendor that provides their supplies. More on that in a bit.

Beware of the low-ball service contract.

One of the best moves your office can make is to select a dependable copier service provider. At a minimum, you’ll want one that will get you the Canon copier supplies you need in a timely fashion.

Many companies make the mistake of doing diligent research when selecting their copiers and printers, but failing to properly vet the service provider.

Not all vendors are created equal. If a vendor really wants your business, they may make the mistake of lowering their price too much. In these cases, it won’t take long for the vendor to realize that their contract isn’t profitable for them, and they may actually (and intentionally) make you wait for your supplies until it makes the most financial sense for them to send them out.

So how do you know if a copier service provider will serve you well? Find out: How to Evaluate Office Copier Service & Support BEFORE You Buy.

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Stocking up isn’t the answer.

Many businesses believe that quantity over quality is the way to go when it comes to maintaining consistent copier functions. They’ll fill their supply area with stacks of Canon copier supplies, including toner, and continuously order more so that they wind up with an arsenal of supplies. Their belief is that by maintaining a cache like this they’ll never have to worry about running out again.

You don’t need to go to extreme measures like that. As long as there’s always a spare cartridge on the shelf you shouldn’t have to worry about toner shortages. Maintaining a surplus of Canon copier supplies may provide some kind of reassurance, but it’s overkill and it’s wasteful. What happens to all that stockpiled toner when you upgrade the machine?

The good news is that if you purchased your Canon copier within the last three years there’s a really great feature built in that will allow you to get your Canon copier supplies in a timely and cost-effective manner. When paired with the right service vendor, you can make sure you always have one spare Canon copier cartridge on the shelf no matter what. And really, why would you need more than that?

Let’s back up and revisit our example. You’re about to walk into a big meeting and you’re printing out your material when you see that “low toner” alert. Traditionally, this has sent some office personnel into a panic. That certainly wasn’t the intention of this feature. It was meant to give you time to order a replacement toner cartridge. However, if you ignored that warning and the toner ran completely dry, you would soon find yourself with no copier functions at all.

Now, if your Canon copier was purchased within the last 3 years, there’s no longer any need to go into panic-mode whenever you run short of toner.

We have technology to thank.

Your copier itself can make sure you never run out of Canon copier supplies.

Because of advances in communication and integration with your service provider, those same low toner notifications can automatically be sent to your copier vendor so they know you need Canon copier supplies. Once received, the vendor will send out a new toner replacement cartridge. Your business doesn’t need to lift a finger. Once received, you can simply replace the low toner cartridge with the one you have on the shelf, and then put the cartridge you just received from your vendor in its place.

Most replacement cartridges and other Canon copier supplies will arrive in the mail within just a few days. Here in New York City, Superior Office Systems can send your replacement cartridges out via a messenger and get the replacement parts in your hands on the same day. Using this method, you’ll always have the Canon copier supplies you need on the shelf, ensuring you never run out of toner.

Gone are the days where you need to fill an entire supply closet with Canon copier supplies. By taking advantage of the notification feature on most modern Canon copiers, you can streamline the replenishment process, eliminate wasteful surplus stock and ensure that your copier is never down for more than a couple of minutes–just long enough to replace the Canon copier cartridges.

Remember, though, the key to getting the most out of this feature is making sure that you’ve got the right vendor to work with. In fact, one of the most important office decisions you can make is picking the right copier vendor. It’s more than just picking one that will deliver the Canon copier supplies you need. You want a service provider that has your back and does what it takes to keep your equipment up and running so your business stays productive.

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