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You might feel like you need a law degree to understand the complexities of leasing. When you turn to the experts at SOS, we’ll explain everything in simple terms. What’s more, we make it easy to get the right lease for your needs with a monthly payment that works for your budget.

Copier and printer leasing FAQ

Does SOS lease equipment?
Our company provides printer and copier leasing service, which means we arrange the financing, deliver and install the equipment, and handle all your service needs. The actual lease is through a financial services company.
My lease is expiring; what do I do?
This is important: you must begin the process AT LEAST 90 days prior to your lease expiration by notifying your lease provider that you plan to return equipment. If you don’t, you may be stuck in the lease for an extra year. SOS can walk you through the steps you need to take.
Can I get out of my lease early?
Unfortunately, leasing office equipment is not like leasing a car. When you sign a 3 or 5 year lease, you are obligated to pay the entire financed amount. Luckily, SOS may be able to help with a lease buyout with incentives offered by the manufacturer. Learn how that works.
Should I lease, buy, or rent equipment?
For smaller businesses, the upfront capital cost often prohibits buying a copier outright. Renting is an option to meet a temporary need, or if your business is new and has yet to establish a solid credit rating. It does cost more on a monthly basis to rent a copier than to buy or lease a copier, but you only have a short-term commitment. For most businesses, leasing is the ideal way to pay for copiers and other office equipment. There’s no large cash outlay, you can pay monthly or quarterly, and there are tax advantages to leasing.
Can you help me understand my lease?
We believe in transparency and integrity, so we make sure every SOS customer understands what they are signing when they commit to a copier lease. We always take the time to explain everything in plain language. (You can also read about common terms here.)
Does SOS provide lease financing?
We don’t provide financing directly. SOS works with financing companies that offer the best leasing terms. And we avoid the ones that use questionable practices that could cost you extra money.

Stuck in a bad lease?

Are you unhappy with an existing lease due to unreliable equipment, machines that no longer meet your needs, or poor service and support?

SOS may be able to help by buying out your old lease, and providing better equipment under a new lease. And of course, you’ll get our responsive, personalized service and support. Best of all, in many cases we can keep your payments similar by taking advantage of manufacturer buyout programs.

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