Reliable, quality support for production print and CRD environments

SOS understands that your high-volume production print department must stay operational at all times. With your organization’s priority print jobs running continuously, there’s no room for downtime. In addition to the fast response, attentive service, expertise, and parts availability we provide all our customers, CRD print environments require more:

  • A dedicated service technician assigned to your account, who knows you, your equipment and your operation
  • Equipment status monitored remotely & a tech dispatched automatically when needed
  • Immediate confirmation of your service request, ETA verification & 2 hour response time
  • Remote diagnostic capability
  • Ability to store frequently used parts and supplies at your site
  • Supplies monitored and automatically shipped to you
  • Weekly inspections, tune-ups and preventative maintenance to prevent problems and maximize uptime

Preventative maintenance for production print equipment

SOS has the technical expertise and maintenance program to meet your specialized requirements. Here’s a preview of what you get every week with our CRD preventative maintenance program:

  • Thorough inspection and testing of all equipment
  • Print quality checked & calibration adjusted
  • Optics cleaned
  • Assemblies cleaned & adjusted to spec
  • Worn parts replaced
  • Software and print drivers updated
  • Accessories inspected, cleaned and adjusted
  • Replace shelf parts

Full manufacturer support

SOS field experts are fully certified by the equipment manufacturers we represent. Unlike many providers, SOS receives full in-field support from all its manufacturers.

What does that mean for you? Should your production printing equipment encounter issues that go above and beyond our capability to correct, we will immediately escalate to engage the manufacturer’s support staff to the fullest extent.

Our satisfaction guarantee

After exhausting all avenues for repair, if the equipment is still not performing to manufacturer specifications, a like replacement will be provided for the remainder of the lease. SOS will not leave you without a solution.

SOS makes it easy to get the right office equipment, managed services and support.

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