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The capabilities of digital printing equipment and technology seem to be evolving much faster than the typical lifespan (or lease term) for a digital press. Gone are the days when you could wait until your lease was expiring to catch up on new production print technology.

We work with many commercial and in-plant print managers in NYC, and they are always looking to stay on top of the latest digital print solutions that can speed workflows, improve efficiency, and help meet customer demands.

So, we’re making it easy for you by consolidating information about the latest production print technology Canon has introduced this year.

Feel free to start a wish list for new digital printing equipment that will make your job easier and your production print operation more successful!

Canon’s new production digital printing equipment for 2018

New print servers boost efficiency and color management

It’s no secret that choosing a print server to manage your digital printing press equipment is an important decision. The right print server helps you streamline workflows, boost performance, ensure quality output, and manage costs across your entire operation.

Every shop has different requirements for a print server, based on volume, job types, quality requirements, equipment fleet, and technology preferences. Canon offers a variety of print servers so you can choose the digital front end (DFE) that’s perfect for your needs.

In June, Canon introduced the following new print servers:

imagePRESS Server G200: Fiery-based embedded DFE

This brand new embedded DFE is perfect for print operations that need easy, accurate color management and the ability to do personalized print jobs.

What’s new:

  • It uses the latest Fiery FS300 software platform.
  • Fiery fans who are embracing the personalized printing trend will appreciate the Fiery FreeFormsoftware that makes variable data printing about as simple as it can get.
  • Color management is often a print manager’s worst headache, and this server helps you take control of color accuracy.

imagePRESS Server H300 Version 2.0: Fiery-based external DFE

This mid-volume external DFE is designed to boost your output while ensuring consistent, outstanding image quality. In fact, this server processes files as much as 50 percent faster than the imagePress Server G200.

What’s new:

  • It uses the latest Fiery software platform (FS300) and Microsoft Windows® 10 operating system.
  • The server lets users easily switch between Fiery Command WorkStation and the imagePRESS digital color press control panel for easy monitoring and adjustments.
  • Fiery fans will love that this server comes with Fiery JobFlowsoftware pre-installed! If you’re not familiar, this tool helps you streamline job processing and get more done.
  • You also get Canon’s new Media Librarian software, which is an amazing time-saver! This tool makes it simple to create, edit, and organize all your media stocks on every compatible imagePRESS device.

BONUS: Both new imagePRESS servers work with Canon’s uniFLOW print and scan management software that helps you and your IT staff take control of all production print and MFP equipment, including security, accounting, reporting, job routing, scanning workflows and mobile printing.

COMPATIBILITY: The new imagePRESS servers are available for available for Canon imagePRESS C850C750C650, and C65production printer models.

PRISMAsync Color Print Server Version 6 brings speed and color uniformity

If you need to manage color consistency across a fleet of Canon color production printers, you’ll definitely want to look at this new G7® certified print server from Canon.

What’s new:

  • Embedded color verification and validation makes it easier than ever for all your users to achieve predictable color output and print quality.
  • The server has a new tool called PRISMAsync JDF/JMF that communicates job accounting and transformations to third-party MIS and pre-press systems.
  • G7 Greyscale calibration and verification helps to cut waste, lower costs and increase profitability by helping you increase output and meet tight deadlines.
  • Tighter security with more admin control over security policy and user rights management.

AVAILABILITY: You get the new PRISMAsync Print Server Version 6 when you order an imagePRESS color digital production press. If you’re using Version 5, you can also get Version 6 as a field upgrade.

New sheet feeder and output tray add-ons for long sheets and high volume

If you are printing long sheets such as point of purchase signs, book covers, or posters, you know how much time-consuming manual work it takes to feed the paper and catch finished prints to prevent damage.

Now Canon has developed the POD Deck Lite XL Long Sheet Feeder and the Plockmatic Multipurpose Stacker (MPS) output tray to make it fast and easy to produce continuous auto-duplexed long sheets of sizes up to 13 by 30 inches with one seamless workflow.

The MPS also detaches from the printer so you can easily transport heavy stacks of prints for offline finishing.

COMPATIBILITY: The new POD Deck Lite XL Long Sheet Feeder and Plockmatic Multipurpose Stacker work with Canon’s imagePRESS C850/C750 digital color press equipment. The MPS is also compatible with imagePRESS C10000VP/C8000VP.

Need to know more? Feel free to reach out to us with your questions about Canon’s new production print solutions.

There’s a reason Canon is a market leader (and gaining market share every year) for digital printing equipment.

The company reinvests 7 to 10 percent of revenue back into R&D. As a result, Canon is always one of the top 3 companies in the U.S. registering patents for new technology. So, when it comes to continuous innovation, it’s so surprise that Canon comes out on top.

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Uptime is everything

For high volume digital printing equipment, reliability is critically important… you can’t afford downtime!

It takes more than well designed equipment to prevent problems that slow you down. Even with very dependable digital printing equipment from Canon, you also need expert, proactive service to keep everything running like clockwork.

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