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Working with large format documents (including engineering drawings, maps, graphic art designs and more) can be challenging, both logistically and financially. We don’t have to tell you that they take up a lot of space, which adds to your cost of doing business, especially in an expensive location like New York City.

The equipment you need to print, scan, copy, file and archive large format documents uses even more expensive office space. Not to mention the costs of leasing and service.

Right now, you may be using separate, dedicated large format scanners and printers for workflow reasons: you don’t want to hold up printing jobs because someone is busy scanning, and vice versa. What you might not know is that Canon’s latest large format multifunction printers and scanners (or MFPs) can do both at the same time, so workflow is no longer a problem.

If you’re looking to save space and save money, it’s smart to take a look at a large format MFP instead of separate large format scanners and printers.

Keep reading to learn more about what you can get and what you can achieve with the latest large format MFPs from Canon.

Why choose a wide format MFP instead of separate large format scanners and printers?

Why use a dedicated wide format scanner and separate large format printer for large documents when you can get one integrated device that won’t slow you down?

Save space

If your firm is growing, chances are you’ve got people competing with equipment for making use of limited space. By combining separate large document scanner and printer devices into one, you might save enough space to squeeze in another desk. Or even something you really want, like a coffee station!

Save money

Saving office space also saves money. Here in New York City, office space costs a small fortune. What are you paying per square foot to lease your office space? How much space is used by your dedicated large scanner and your wide format printer? Wide format MFP devices take up the same footprint as one standalone printer.

Now you can figure out how much money you’re wasting by keeping a separate large format scanners and printers.

Reduce the cost of leasing equipment. In many cases, you can lease a combination print and scan MFP for less than the cost of two dedicated devices. Plus, you eliminate the hassle of maintaining two leases.

Reduce the cost of service. Businesses that rely heavily on large printers and scanners (like architects, builders, engineers, and graphic design firms) know that service contracts are a must to prevent equipment downtime that hurts their bottom line. Consider this: you’ll save money with MFPs because you’ll have fewer devices to cover on your service contract.

Today’s multifunction print and scan devices offer even more than the fast, high quality printing and scanning you need and expect. Here are just a few examples:

Efficiency. Print and scan with the same device at the same time without sacrificing speed. MFP scanners offer the same speed and resolution as standalone large format scanners. What’s more, you can get more done with helpful features like large ink tanks and dual media auto-loading rolls that reduce the need to stop and replenish supplies.

Connectivity. Do you want to print and scan over WiFi, a multi-site network or the cloud? How about printing from USB drives, or scanning directly to USB drives? The latest wide format printing and scanning devices offer connectivity the way you need it.

Ability to monitor and manage. How would you like to be able to track who prints what, and easily bill clients for printing expenses? How about printing documents from mobile devices? Canon’s imagePROGRAF TX series MFPs work with Canon’s uniFLOW management platform to take control of ALL printing and scanning (including wide format) to simplify operations and reduce costs.

Secure your devices. Did you know that printers and scanners are common sources of network security breaches? That puts your data, your ideas, and your business at risk. Canon’s latest multifunction large format scanners and printers are designed with secure communication, secure job storage (including disc erase), and flexible administrator controls and functionality restrictions.

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Water-resistant printing. Do you print documents that are used outdoors, such as maps, construction plans, or posters? Canon’s imagePROGRAF TX line used water resistant inks and can print on water resistant media.

Ready to learn more?

Read our review of Canon’s imagePROGRAF TX series wide format MFPs

What if you’re stuck in a long-term lease?

What if you’re shopping for large format scanners but have a couple of years left on your large format printer lease?

In some cases, you may be able to get out of the old lease and upgrade both devices with a new wide format MFP from Canon.

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