How to optimize print expenses

Your company is probably spending much more than you realize on printing and copying: the average office worker consumes $15,000 in print output, according to the Gartner Group.

SOS managed services for NYC businesses can help:

Reduce your total cost of ownership for print equipment, supplies and service

Control document workflow and output to improve productivity

Manage cost accountability and recovery for printing

What Is Managed Print?

SOS Managed Print encompasses a range of services that accomplish the following goals:

  • Optimize your print environment to eliminate waste and reduce expenses
  • Automate inefficient paper processes to boost productivity
  • Monitor equipment and streamline maintenance & supply management to prevent downtime
  • Provide a secure shared printing environment for your office as well as mobile workers
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Copier and MFP Leasing

For most people, leasing copy and print equipment is not something you do every day. Understanding complex lease terms and making sure you’re getting the right contract for your needs at the best price can be an intimidating chore.

Let the experts at SOS guide you through the process to eliminate costly mistakes, and leverage the programs the manufacturers offer to buyout leases.

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Managed Services

Document Management

Is your organization wasting time managing too much paper?
Improve office collaboration and reduce printing expenses with a cloud-based content management solution from SOS.

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SOS makes it easy to get the right office equipment, managed services and support.

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