Is your organization wasting time and money managing too much paper?

Business documents take up valuable space and to be useful, they must be organized, available for multiple business purposes and disposed of when no longer needed.

SOS Document Management Services use Canon ThereforeTM, a state-of-the-art document management solution that alleviates the labor and expense of maintaining a business archive and library. The solution provides you with the tools to manage the process from document creation to end-of-life.

  • Easy to use equipment and software tools for digitizing hard-copy documents
  • Efficient document meta-data capture for fast search and retrieval
  • A single source repository with built-in security and access control features
  • Collaborative and centralized document creation with customizable document workflows
  • Change Control Management with tracking, version control and expiration data

Touch-of-a-button availability

There are many compelling advantages to going “paperless” not the least of which is every one of your employees will have the information and documents they need immediately available on their desktops and not buried in a box, sitting in basement or at an off-site location.

Centralized storage and single source convenience

By moving from a physical to a digital document management solution, the intellectual property of your business gets stored in a single, secure repository, eliminating personal copies stored by employees and the dissemination of multiple versions. By creating a single trusted source, you know (and don’t have to guess) that the document you’re retrieving is the authorized, approved or current version.

Personalized access and security

A central repository also lets you control who has access to your organization’s intellectual property. Controlling access is not just a nice to have, it’s a crucial part of your business’s security plan. A single, secure digital repository enables your security team to determine each individual’s rights and permissions and to monitor the retrieval of sensitive information. Document destruction can also be set up and automated to ensure legal compliance.

Efficient digitizing of physical documents with automated meta-data extraction

Converting hard-copy documents to digital files has never been easier. SOS provides hardware and software tools that perform advanced, automated scanning, creating digital files in the most commonly used file formats, e.g. PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and text. During the scanning process, sophisticated optical recognition capabilities can automatically extract from a document the meta-data needed to identify and classify it for future search and retrieval.

Reduced printing costs

In addition to easy, authorized retrieval, digital libraries help your organization save on printing costs. Each time someone prints a hard-copy, company resources and money are not only used but eventually end up in a wastebasket or being shredded and recycled. Creating and disseminating digital documents eliminates time consuming, labor intensive printing, as well as costly editing and updating. Digitizing is both good for the environment and your business’s bottom line.

Easy to use collaboration tools and automated workflows

The best Document Management Services are designed to save your business both time and money. SOS Document Management Services support collaborative file sharing and easy web-based intranet and extranet access. Your teams have more tools to efficiently create, share, manage and collaborate on projects.

In addition, creating customized workflows automates the process, making sure every document gets the attention and approval it requires.

Benefits of SOS Document Management Services

SOS Document Management Services make it possible to save on printing and storage costs, avoid time-consuming archival tasks, minimize the opportunity for mistakes and prevent the loss of intellectual property. And, finally, as an added bonus, you can get rid of the boxes, file cabinets, bookcases, supplies, square footage for storage and the labor needed to maintain and retrieve physical documents.

SOS makes it easy to get the right office equipment, managed services and support.

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