How much do you waste on print expenses?

The average business spends 1 to 3% of their annual revenue on print-related expenses. Now think about all the wasted printing costs in your office:

  • Automatically printing color pages (at 8 cents each) when black and white is sufficient (at 1 cent each)
  • Printing documents and forgetting to collect them
  • Printing documents that could be routed or shared electronically
  • Paying for supplies and equipment you don’t need

What if you could take back all that waste and add it directly to your bottom line? That’s the opportunity SOS Managed Print Services provides.

SOS can customize your Managed Print Services plan to include the specific services you need, from desktop printer supplies to a comprehensive print optimization program for a large, distributed organization, including Follow Me Print, Secure Print, and Rules-Based Routing technologies.

Before SOS Managed Print Services
Before SOS Managed Print Services
Desktop Printers   Standalone MFPs  Unnecessary Printers
After SOS Managed Print Services
After SOS Managed Print Services
Desktop Printers Standalone MFPs Unnecessary Printers

SOS saves time and money by turning less into more

Before SOS

34 Printers

After SOS Managed Print Services

15 Printers

Managed Print

Monitor equipment and streamline maintenance & supplies

  • Monitor consumables usage and automatically replenish supplies before you run out
  • Monitor printers for critical repair issues to cut downtime
Managed Print
Optimize your print environment to eliminate waste
Monitor print volumes and usage patterns
Recommend the right mix of office equipment to meet your requirements while reducing duplication
Configure rules-based printing to eliminate unnecessary color printing
Provide a secure printing environment

Provide a secure printing environment

  • Ensure privacy for sensitive content
  • Eliminate double-printing the same document
  • Accommodate printing for mobile workers

Implement document workflows that reduce paper & increase productivity

  • Streamline document capture & reduce processing time
  • Automate time-consuming manual tasks such as invoice processing
  • Provide secure delivery of digital documents using secure, cloud-based technology
Implement document workflows

Find out how much money you’re wasting on office print expenses.

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