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When it comes to choosing equipment and solutions for operating and managing a law practice, the best advice always comes from other law firms who understand the challenges. In our experience, law firms depend on feedback from their peers to help them navigate the available options and choose the best print solutions for their business.

That’s why we wanted to share the evidence that Canon is a trusted brand within the legal community and recognized as a manufacturer of the best printers for law firms. Canon was named a 2019 Reader Rankings Winner by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly in the Copiers- Printers-MFPs Manufacturers category.

The award is based on the publication’s third annual reader survey, where readers weigh in on businesses that deliver the most value based on their own experiences. More than 2800 voters in the legal community participated in the survey.

The award sheds light on the confidence law firms have in Canon solutions and the ability of Canon solution providers to consistently meet and exceed expectations, year after year.

Learn more about the Reader Rankings Award here.

Why are Canon devices considered the best printers for law firms?

Watch this video to learn how one law firm used Canon technology to improve productivity, efficiency, cost recovery, and keep confidential information secure:

Manage & recover printing costs

Expense management is critical to profitability for law firms. Printing is a significant cost in this industry, but you can reduce the cost significantly with the right tools. And, you need the ability to track document-related expenses so you can recover those costs from clients. Canon’s uniFLOW is perfect for the legal community.

Gain visibility. Taking control of print costs starts with visibility into what your employees are printing, the devices they use, and the associated costs. The first step is setting up user authentication for printing, then tracking every print job to gain insight and actionable intelligence about expenses impacting your bottom line.

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Reduce costs. Canon’s uniFLOW platform enables you to gain control over print usage, even across a large firm. You can set rules that limit access to more costly print features (such as unnecessary color printing and single-sided printing), and route jobs automatically to less expensive printers. In addition to managing your fleet of printers, you can also set up print and scan workflows and mobile printing features that save time and save money by increasing productivity.

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Recover expenses. Law firms need simpler and more accurate ways to track and bill expenses while also containing costs to increase profitability. Canon solutions allow you to easily track device-related expenses for printing, copying, and scanning, including matter and submatter billing codes. If you track expenses using Equitrac, Copitrak, or nQueue Billback, with Canon MEAP embedded applications you can seamlessly link your devices to these cost accounting applications.

Keep documents secure

Clients trust your firm with highly sensitive personal and financial information. Are you doing everything you can to protect that information from unauthorized access, and protect your firm from the cost associated with a breach? Printing is often overlooked as a source of data and confidentiality breaches.

Law firms require additional security to support the demands of federal regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Patriot Act, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and other statutes. With Canon solutions, you can easily monitor every client document that’s scanned, copied, or printed, and be automatically alerted if any discrepancies are found.

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