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Let’s face it… getting a new copier can be a bothersome task you’d rather not spend time on. You’ve probably got so many more urgent things to do! So, it’s tempting when you see an offer to lease a copier online from a national dealer. Just fill out the form and you’re done!

The problem is, the few minutes you save up front can cost you big time later on. Here’s why it’s worth working with a local service provider to lease a copier.

Are you getting the right equipment for your needs?

When your only interaction with a service provider happens through a generic form on a website page, it’s very easy for important details to be overlooked when you lease a copier.

When you spend just a few minutes talking over your needs with a local office technology professional, you’ll get equipment recommendations that align with your business needs. You get what you need, rather than what a remote dealer wants to sell. Plus, you’ll get helpful advice that can save you money.

Here’s just one example. We often come across businesses here in NYC that are still using a bunch of desktop printers that are costing them a fortune in supplies. Many times, we can recommend a shared printer that can replace those printers to cut expenses, provide modern features like mobile printing, and increase document security all at the same time. With an optimized print environment, you may very well REDUCE your print cost rather than adding to it when you lease a copier.

No website form can help you do that.

Did I mention we don’t charge extra for giving this advice?

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Will you get reliable service?

If you lease a copier from a company that’s not located in your city, you’re taking a big chance when it comes to service.

Even office equipment manufacturers like Canon or HP can’t possibly have their own local service departments in every city. National dealers don’t either. Of course they have to offer service, but without local service employees they must outsource your service. That means they have a limited supply of technicians, less control over their availability and schedule, and there are more layers of red tape to slow things down.

What does that mean for you? Poor response times. You might wait for days or even weeks for a repair. Also, what happens when the technician finally arrives but does not have the necessary parts? You wait longer.

When you lease a copier from a local dealer like SOS, we have a local parts warehouse and can send parts over by messenger so there’s no delay in getting you back up and running.

We also have real, live customer service staff members who answer the phone, and who can sometimes troubleshoot your problem and get you up and running even without a service call.

You can also place a service request at your convenience, even after business hours, on our website.

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Will you get stuck in a bad contract?

Copier leases can have lots of terms you won’t understand. If you lease a copier online and never speak to a person, who will explain them to you to make sure you are not signing something you will regret for the next 5 years?

I promise, it really is worth taking a few minutes with a reputable local dealer to understand your copier lease. Doing so can help you identify where others you’re considering may be trying to overcharge you, with insurance you don’t need, escalating payments, or extra charges you shouldn’t pay.

Lease a copier from local experts to prevent future headaches

We understand you may want to avoid speaking with a dealer rep because you’re afraid of the hard sell that’s so common in this business. We don’t do things that way. Here at SOS, we have served thousands of businesses in the NYC area because we make it easy to get the office technology you need within your budget and without a hassle.

We do have a simple form to get things started. We’ll follow up to schedule a 10 minute call. That’s all it takes to get it done and get on to all those other items on your to-do list!

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