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You’ve chosen your Canon office equipment with care. You’ve made sure everything is set up just the way you need it. But what happens if and when you need copy machine repair?

If you’ve been disappointed with Canon copier repair services — either direct from the manufacturer or from a local dealer in the New York City area — here are some tips to help you vet providers and get the most reliable service for your Canon office equipment.

Ask about their expertise in Canon copier repair.

You don’t want to waste your time with a copier repair company that does not know every detail of your equipment. The best service providers will employ experienced, skilled technicians who have been factory-trained by the manufacturers, including Canon.

Having highly trained technicians on the team helps to ensure that your service provider can fix your copier problem correctly the first time, with no need for return visits.

In addition, find out if the provider will assign a service technician(s) to your account. A dedicated technician(s) will get to know the individual quirks of your equipment, helping to ensure repairs are done correctly.

Get a time-to-repair commitment.

People might think “time is of the essence” is just a cliché, but in fact it’s a legal term. Basically, it means that a timeframe specified in a contract must be met.

What does that mean for business productivity and the copiers you depend on day after day? Your service provider should be willing and able to commit, in writing, to a response time for your Canon repair service needs.

Here in NYC, a reputable copier service provider should be able to respond to most service calls within 2 to 4 hours. That helps to ensure you can get a repair technician on site as quickly as possible, so you don’t lose a lot of valuable time (and maybe money) due to broken equipment.

When evaluating service vendors, check into how they classify a “response.” Some dealers get around their promised response window by calling you back, which they define as a response. Unfortunately that call doesn’t help you get up and running! Response time should be based on when a qualified technician arrives on site from the time of your call.

Check out how easy they are to reach.

Does the Canon copier repair company offer a single point of contact, no matter what your support needs might be? Can you talk to a person live and get a quick, reliable answer when you need it? Or, do you always have to leave a message and wait for a callback?

Alternately, if you prefer, can you request service online and get a confirmed technician appointment quickly?

Find out about their parts availability.

A repair technician that doesn’t have the parts available to fix your copier on the spot doesn’t help your business productivity. Worse is having to wait multiple days for the part to arrive and schedule a return visit to complete your Canon copier repair.

So, ask any potential copier service provider about their parts inventory. Check that they keep Canon-certified parts in stock. And make sure they either have parts messengers or will commit to getting parts to your site quickly — not days later.

Ask how they will keep you informed.

Service technicians in NYC often have to deal with traffic delays and other circumstances beyond their control. But keeping you informed about a delay in service is not just common courtesy — it helps you plan your time and be prepared for when the technician does arrive.

When you’re shopping around for a Canon copier repair company, ask how they will keep you proactively informed about a technician’s ETA. A quick call or text with an update goes a long way in keeping your day productive and your service provider relationship pleasant.

Explore other service options that can save your time and improve productivity.

In addition to providing onsite Canon copier repair services, what other support options does the company offer to meet your ongoing copier needs? For example:

  • Do they provide set up and training? Perhaps you need help with system configuration when adding new copiers and printers to your network, or with setting up features like user authentication and mobile printing. Or maybe your employees need training on how to use new printers or new features. Support for both will help you get maximum value from your equipment investment.
  • Do they help you keep copier supplies in stock as needed? Making sure copier supplies are there when you need them helps to keep your operations running. For example, a good copier service company can remotely monitor your toner usage and automatically send a replacement cartridge when levels get low.

Learn more: Canon Copier Supplies: Never Run Out Again

  • Can they monitor your system remotely? In addition to keeping track of supply usage, Superior Office Systems can proactively, remotely monitor your equipment for malfunctions. So, if a breakdown does occur, we are right on top of it and can dispatch a Canon copier repair technician to the location ASAP. Also, some repairs can be made remotely.
  • Will they fix your system without a technician visit? For simple fixes, a reputable copier services provider should be willing to help you try to resolve the issue without sending out a technician. Often, they can walk you through some troubleshooting steps over the phone or email you some simple instructions. Make sure the vendor you are considering offers this type of Help Desk service.

At SOS, we can also diagnose and resolve some software and networking issues via our remote monitoring capabilities – saving you the cost of an onsite service call.

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  • Do they perform preventative maintenance? With heavy use, office copiers and printers need periodic inspections, cleaning, and worn parts replacement to help prevent breakdowns and the need for major repairs. Your dealer should do these tasks proactively when they visit you for service calls.

Give SOS a call.

When you partner with SOS for your Canon copier repair services and other office equipment needs, you get advantages such as:

  • A real person answering the phone during business hours
  • A dedicated service representative and one point of contact
  • Help Desk as a first line of support (sometimes a call can get you up and running immediately)
  • Guaranteed 4-hour response times (and often faster)
  • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting support
  • Experienced technicians and parts messengering, to get your repair done right in one visit
  • Automatic supply replenishment options, so you never run out
  • Proactive maintenance tasks
  • Personalized service with local support in the NYC area

To learn more about how to select the right copier service in NYC, get our detailed guide on How to Evaluate Office Copier Service and Support BEFORE You Buy.


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