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Since you’re reading this, chances are you are considering switching to a new copier machine service provider. If you’re unhappy with your current provider, you want to make sure you pick a better one this time!

This article will help you avoid the worst ones and identify the ones who will go above and beyond to serve as an asset to your business.

Are you dealing with the worst copier machine service?

Are you experiencing these issues? Here’s what may be going on behind the scenes.

The worst copier machine service providers are unreliable in their response times. They may tell you it will take them days to get to you. Or, fail to show up when they promised. It’s even worse if they do not give you an estimate of when to expect. When you’re stuck with a broken copier, work can come to a halt and you should expect to know when you’ll be back online.

Less trustworthy copier machine service providers might use dishonest reporting tactics to make it seem like they provide better response time than they are really achieving. This might include cancelling a service call if they know it will take them a while to repair, then rescheduling it later and only counting the response time from the second call. You don’t want to work with a company that is dishonest about its response times.

If you have a recurring problem with your copier, it might be that the root cause of the problem is not getting fixed. Less reputable copier machine service providers might skimp on repairs or only provide a temporary solution. Good copy machine repair service should include solving the cause of the issue.

At many service organizations (including manufacturer-direct service), technicians are actually incentivized for using fewer expensive parts during their service calls. In that case, a technician might delay a repair so they don’t get charged for using an expensive part. The copy machine service technician might say it can’t be fixed or will take time to be replaced, so that when it does get fixed it will be someone else doing the repairs. All this means your copier machine service gets delayed.

Some service companies undercharge for your contract, and wind up providing poor service because of it. Service contracts typically include toner, but some service companies don’t budget for enough toner for their customers and end up losing money. They might cut their costs for unprofitable contracts by controlling your access to toner.

They might delay replacing your toner or tell you it’s out of stock in an effort to get you to use less toner. Beware of companies that cut corners like this. You should be able to use as much toner as your business needs with your contract.

6 things the best copier machine service providers do differently

1. They respond fast.

You should expect a response within a few hours. If for any reason it will take longer than that, they should let you know what to expect and when they will get to you. Posting response times can be misleading, as it doesn’t include the time it takes to actually solve the problem. A good copier machine service provider should care just as much about fixing the copier in a timely manner.

They also track numbers honestly. A service provider should never mislead you with their statistics. You should be able to confirm what a company says about its service by reading reviews from actual customers. If their previous customers were happy and trusted the company, you can be sure you will too. Don’t trust a company (even manufacturer direct service) whose reviews disagree with the company’s own statistics.

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2. They fix it right the first time.

Good copier machine service providers don’t rely on cheap or temporary fixes. They solve the root of the problem, so you don’t have to waste time getting the same problem fixed over and over again. This will also lead to less downtime. If they can’t fix it, they may be able to intervene with the manufacturer for you to get a replacement machine.

3. They get parts fast.

Response time means nothing if the technician doesn’t have the parts to fix your problem. Some companies have a person solely responsible for bringing the right parts when you need them. This saves your technician time by not having to go out and get parts once they identify the problem. So, it’s fixed immediately and you’re up and running fast. This is one business strategy that shows a company cares about reducing the time you have to wait to get a problem fixed.

4. They do preventative maintenance to prevent downtime.

You might not even know if your service provider is doing this. Good technicians might keep an eye on your machine and do preventative maintenance while working on other repairs. Service providers can sometimes monitor copier error codes remotely and can alert you about a part needing replacement. They can preventatively schedule maintenance and order replacement parts in order to take care of your machine before it breaks.

5. They make it easy to get supplies.

Copier machine service providers should have a system in place for quickly getting you supplies when you need them. You shouldn’t ever have to worry about running out of toner or feeling like you should stockpile toner to prevent running out. That wastes money and the space needed to store them. You may think it doesn’t matter if you waste toner since it’s covered with your copy machine service contract, but the supplies you use are actually built into the price of your contract. You may save money on a contract with a good supplies replacement system.

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6. They provide a pleasant and helpful service experience.

Your copier machine service provider shouldn’t treat you like you’re the problem. A good company wants to work with you to make you happy, and that means respecting your time and the needs of your business. You don’t have to be stuck with a service provider that doesn’t have time for you.

Is the copier service company you are considering one of the good ones?

People mistakenly believe it’s impossible to tell what a service company’s performance will be like before you start working with them. Not true! For more instructions on how to research and find the right company for you, check out our guide: How to Evaluate Office Copier Service & Support BEFORE You Buy.

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