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If you are in the market for a new photocopy machine, you probably know it is critical that you make informed and wise choices on equipment. Did you also know that equipment selection is only half of the equation? It is equally as important to find the best copier company to guide you through the sales or leasing process and provide you with fast, reliable service once your photocopier arrives at your office.

Here are some helpful tips on how to choose the best copier company to suit your needs.

Tips on how to choose a copier sales and services vendor

1. It’s a matter of trust: actions speak louder than words.

Vendors may make a lot of promises to close a deal, but it’s critical that they can deliver on those promises. If you’re running an office, you can’t afford lengthy equipment breakdowns or lapses in the delivery of supplies. Equipment failures stall productivity and hurt your bottom line.

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When researching copier companies, don’t be afraid to ask for references. Check out if the copier service companies you are considering have solid reputations. Make sure they make scheduled appointments on a timely basis and respond quickly to emergency calls.

Determine if the copier company has an adequate number of service technicians available in your area. Inquire about the experience level of the technicians; especially their familiarity with the copier brand and model you are planning on buying or leasing for your company.

2. The best copier company will walk you through the leasing process.

You may wear a lot of hats at your office, but “copier leasing expert” may not be one of them. Leasing agreements can be confusing. The best copier company for you is one that explains each step of the leasing process clearly, establishes that the lease terms meet your copier needs and makes sure the agreement does not include any hidden surprises.

Though you’ll be obtaining a copier through a copier company, you’ll finance the lease through a bank or other lending institution. It is important to find a copier company that will get you highly-rated equipment at the lowest price. A copier company that does its homework will choose the lender based on who is offering the most favorable interest rates and will approve your lease.

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Newbie's Guide to Leasing an Office Copier

3. The best copier company will get the best deal for you.

There are other things your copier company can do to secure you the most favorable deal. When you choose the best copier company, they will steer you in the direction of a copier that meets your needs instead of upselling you with capacity and bells and whistles you do not require. If you contract for equipment that has features you do not need and contains excessive print volume, it will drive up leasing and maintenance costs. Also, the cost of operating your equipment can be greater than the lease payment if you’re not careful. Your vendor can help you reduce unnecessary color printing to save a bundle.

The best copier company for you may be one that can buy you out of your old lease. Top office equipment vendors, such as Superior Office System (SOS), may be able to help you with a lease buyout. SOS can pay off your existing lease, and bundle your remaining balance into a new lease. By rolling what you still owe on your prior lease into a new lease with SOS, you won’t have to pay a sizable lump sum to get out of the contract with your old vendor. In some cases, manufacturer incentives can reduce or even eliminate buyout costs.

Another way a knowledgeable copier company can save you money is through managed print services. The best copier company can analyze your current copier/printing operations and make recommendations to streamline and optimize your print output. Copier service companies can help switch your office from a paper-based to a digital-centered operation.

4. The best copier company represents top brand equipment.

When you’re trying to pick out the best copier company for your office, it is essential that the vendor can supply you with the best brand equipment, which has a recognized reputation for quality and reliability. Inquire whether the vendor is an authorized dealer for the equipment recommended for your office. An authorized dealer has an established relationship with the manufacturer and has access to product training. An authorized dealer will also receive better warranty and parts support.

When doing your best copier company research work, it’s helpful to know leading vendors, like SOS, are authorized dealers of more than one equipment line. SOS is an authorized dealer for Canon, which tops the review and award charts for reliability and image quality. SOS, also represents other dependable copier companies, such as Samsung and HP and holds the distinction of being the only Pitney Bowes partner in NYC.

Do not let a vendor talk you into an off-brand, which may initially be less expensive, but will cost you in terms of reliability and maintenance and repairs. Parts for lesser-known brands might be harder to obtain.

5. The best copier company keeps you stocked with supplies.

Office copier users, office managers and IT staff members, alike, all know the importance of having supplies handy. Running out of paper or toner disrupts workflow. A total depletion of supplies is inexcusable and a frustration everyone can do without. Check what systems your potential copier maintenance company has in place to guarantee timely supply replenishment.

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It is also imperative to research each copier company’s preventative maintenance and repair record. Most copier companies have preventative maintenance programs and emergency repair services available for clients. Combining a high-quality copier with superior service is a business investment you won’t regret.

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