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Did you ever find yourself wishing your office copier was as easy to interact with as your smartphone? Well, that wish is a dream come true with many of the modern copiers on the market today that offer customizable interfaces that promote ease of use and bolster efficiency.

Office copiers should not be so complicated that employees feel they need a computer sciences degree to operate the machines. There are plenty of easy-to use printer/scanner/copier options available today that combine technological simplicity with multifunction usability.

Whether you are the copier user, the office manager or the IT staff member who trains personnel on copier usage, it is beneficial to have an easy-to-use printer/scanner/copier to ratchet your office’s overall operational productivity. Let’s take a look at some of the features that make today’s copiers more intuitive and user-friendly like our personal technology.

Yesterday’s copiers vs. today’s MFPs

Copiers have evolved over the years; especially since transitioning from strictly making copies to multifunctional devices that can print, fax, scan and copy. Even the copiers of five to ten years ago did not have the advanced features of today. Comparatively speaking, upgrading now is akin to going from a flip phone to a smartphone. Though a small number of people cling to their flip phones, many more have welcomed the technological advances inherent to their smartphones.

An easy-to-use printer/scanner/copier comes with an intuitive interface

Many of us have used copiers with a generic, static interface. Most of today’s copiers have intuitive user interfaces with a sizable, sometimes color, touch-screens that function similar to a smartphone screen. You may ask yourself, what is an intuitive interface? It’s one that works the way the user would expect by using intuition. To create an intuitive interface, the designer must understand the user’s thought process, which translates into an easy-to-use printer/scanner/copier.

The interfaces on leading-edge copiers are customizable, which means each user’s interface could be different. Once you log on, your individualized interface will appear. Customization allows you to streamline your processes by installing shortcuts. For instance, if an employee routinely sends scans to a group of four people, your interface could feature a button that when touched will send the fax to those four people.

The interface will show your preference and design choices such as the number and size of buttons. Most importantly, the user can set up the interface to match workflow needs, which bolsters efficiency. You can create workflows for repeated tasks and add buttons for these regular activities to your interface.

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An easy-to-use printer/scanner/copier provides ease of access

Not that long ago, you had to rely on a company-wide address book when sending emails and faxes. Often this lengthy list contained the names of lots of people you did not even know and were not likely going to send them an email or fax. With plenty of today’s easy-to-use printer/scanner/copier brands, you can create your own address book of contacts.

Modern easy-to-use printer/scanner/copier devices will also permit you to access cloud applications. In the past, the user had to log in each time they wanted to access a particular cloud service, which means multiple logins were regularly required. Updated easy-to-use printer/scanner/copier machines allow you to store the cloud services you use. So once a user logs in, they can access documents from all their cloud applications directly from the copier interface.

Another handy feature of cutting-edge and easy-to-use printer/scanner/copier equipment is the ability to access the unit from mobile devices. This capability allows users to scan and print on the go when attending meetings, changing workstations or working remotely. Innovative copiers support the more flexible work style implemented at many businesses in recent years where employees don’t have an assigned desk. Some of the new easy-to-use printer/scanner/copier models even provide Internet access.

The easy-to-use printer/scanner/copier offers enhanced security

Modern office printers are not only easier for users, they’re also easier for IT staff to manage. Security is one example: secure print technology allows you to limit access to authorized users. Each employee will either have a pin number to enter or a swipe card. This security feature helps to prevent the distribution of confidential information. With today’s easy-to-use printer/scanner/copier devices, printed information is not released until the user scans their card or puts in their pin.

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Easy-to-use printer/scanner/copier equipment eliminates waste

The newer easy-to-use printer/scanner/copier brands used in offices now allow management to monitor print usage and reduce unnecessary printing. As a result, printing, toner and paper costs will decrease.

The easy-to-use printer/scanner/copier devices can generate reports that yield useful data on copier functions used by employees, which can help with budgeting. As an example, a copier-generated report can show the number of black and white and color copies made. Your print vendor can help you configure your system to default to black-and-white printing from certain applications, such as Excel or Outlook, which can significantly reduce your service and supplies costs.

The bottom line

Companies want productivity from employees because efficiency saves the company money. Surveys show that employees might avoid using devices that do not function intuitively like their personal technology such as smartphones. So, doesn’t it make sense to invest in an easy-to-use printer/scanner/copier that will be fully utilized by employees and maximize productivity?

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