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Choosing the best office copier for your business (and best office copier brand if you need multiple machines) can be challenging. Most people who are tasked with making these decisions are not experts in copier or printer technology… yet businesses must live with their choices for 3 to 5 years.

The consequences of making a bad choice

Understand this: the wrong decision can seriously undermine your employees’ productivity. You can even find yourself losing business and revenue because of printers and copiers that constantly break down or don’t perform as expected. This is especially true for businesses that depend heavily on printed and scanned records.

If you’ve been burned by the wrong decision about an office printer or copier, you know what we’re talking about. (We know this because we often find ourselves in the position of helping a company get out of a bad copier lease after they have made a poor choice that’s hurting their business.)

Just about everyone needs help deciding on the best office copier

Particularly when trying to choose the best copier for a law office, healthcare, financial services, insurance firm, or other print-reliant business, it’s smart to look at awards and recognitions to learn who makes the best office copiers.

Here at Superior Office Systems, we have been selling and servicing office equipment for decades. We ARE the experts here in New York City, serving over 1500 businesses. And in our experience, Canon is the best office copier brand when it comes to:

  • reliability
  • feature set
  • ease of use
  • security
  • innovation
  • … and just about every other criteria that matters to businesses for multifunction printer and photocopier brands.

But you don’t have to take our word for it! Keep reading to see the wealth of evidence.

Trustworthy sources of proof about the best office copier brand and models

We’ve saved you from doing all the legwork to research the best office copier and best MFP models.

Here are some of the most recent awards and recognitions from impartial experts and testers who have all reached the same conclusion about Canon. And let’s not forget the evidence that might be the most telling… market share.

Buyer’s Lab Awards

Buyers Lab (BLI) has been the most trusted document imaging industry resource for unbiased and trustworthy information and test data for more than 50 years. BLI’s test reports, Pick Awards, and Line of the Year Awards are the most important accolades that printer and copier models can earn. Every office printer and copier brand wants to be highly rated by Buyer’s Lab.

Canon consistently ranks high in all BLI award categories. Here are a few of the latest BLI awards Canon has received:

BLI Copier MFP Line of the Year 2018 (third year in a row!)

BLI PaceSetter Award for Outstanding Serviceability 2018-2019

BLI PaceSetter in Ease of Use: Enterprise Devices 2018–2019

Outstanding Printer for Small and Home Offices: Canon imageCLASS LBP214dw/LBP215dw

Outstanding MFP for SMBs: Canon imageCLASS MF525dw

Outstanding Entry-Level 25-ppm Color Copier MFP: Canon imageRUNNER C3025i

MFP market share in the US

Which manufacturer is selling the most copiers and multifunction printers to businesses like yours? Market share is a dependable indicator of top product performance and customer satisfaction.

IDC, the leading global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets, measures market share (in the US and worldwide) for copiers and multifunction printers.

In IDC’s Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker, Canon emerged as the market leader across three categories: 2017 Total A3 U.S. Copier/MFP (monochrome and color), 2017 Total U.S. A3 Copier/MFP (monochrome), and 2017 Total U.S. A3 Copier/MFP (color).


Have you tried searching for multifunction printer reviews or copier reviews for businesses? Good luck finding anything written by an impartial expert.

Instead, try asking real users. Here’s a tip: try community sites like Reddit or Quora, or even LinkedIn. There you can connect with real people and ask specific questions about your situation and your needs. You will find a lot of Canon fans out there!

Choosing the right office copier brand is only half the battle

Now you know the best office copier brand. Finding the right model is not only about choosing the most highly rated machine, but more importantly, about picking what’s right for your organization’s requirements.

Read this for helpful advice about choosing a copier model: How To Compare Copiers and Choose the Right Model for Your Office

AND, there’s one more very important thing to carefully research before you make a decision: SERVICE.

The service and support you get with your office copier can, and often does, make all the difference between a great decision and a costly mistake.

Read these helpful articles to learn more about why service is so important, and how you can properly vet a vendor’s service before you sign the agreement.

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